Boston Hosts Vegas Golden Knight’s


As the Boston Bruins (28-10-12) host the Vegas Golden knights (25-19-7), the last time these two teams have met we’re back in October of last year. The Bruins went on to win that game 4-3 in regulation.

Tuukka Rask remains on the side lines while Jaroslav Halak will be making his 3rd consecutive start. With Rask being absent Halak has went 1-2 (Allowed 8 goals) and as the numbers are not promising there is room for change. With Halak getting more starts now it could help him by learning more since he has been the back up.

Jeremy Lauzon got a call up from Providence to take over for John Moore, and will be paired up with Matt Grzelcyk. Along with Moore being out, David Krejci will be a game time decision. Krejci has been battling an upper body injury, but went from a non contact jersey to a normal practice jersey in today’s practice.
Starting Goalies:

Boston– Jaroslav, Halak: GAA 2.49 / SV%.918 (11W /6L /6OTL)

Vegas– Marc- Andre, Fleury: GAA 2.85 / SV%.906 (19W /11L /4OTL)

Tonight’s Game: 7PM- TD Garden- Boston, Mass.

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Bruins Win One At Home, And Lose One In Pittsburgh.


The Boston Bruins were in a bind with Tuukka Rask being on the IR but that didn’t stop him from making an appearance for his 500th game on January 16th. Rask suffered a concussion last Tuesday against the Columbus Blue Jackets but since making an appearance last Thursday I doubt he will be out long.

The Bruins ended up taking down the Pittsburgh Penguins 4-1 in regulation on Thursday. The same two teams faced off today in a matinee but that game went on to be a Pittsburgh victory (4-3 in regulation). With the Bruins dropping that game they reached the double digits in the loss column.

With David Krejci being absent from last Thursday’s game and today’s game, Karson Kuhlman stepped into to full fill that role. Kuhlman went on to get a total of two assists and for someone just coming up from Providence that’s a decent start. So for future games, when a call to Providence is needed you can guarantee he will be a goto.

Boston Bruins announced that David Backes will be on waivers and will make his way to Providence for assignment. So potentially there could be a trade in the making or it’s just to make some room on the roster.

David Pastrnak looks to get back on track by providing a total of one goal and three assists. While he doing a great amount of work, Brad Marchand still remains cold. Marchand only scored a goal and an assist out of both games.

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Tuukka Rask To IR, Bruins Take On Penguins Back To Back.


The Boston Bruins went on to losing Tuukka Rask early in the game when they faced the Columbus Blue Jackets last Tuesday. They also went on to lose that game 3-0 in regulation.

With Rask being out the Boston Bruins called up Dan Vlader from Providence to help fill in. Also so additions, David Krejci the other day performed in practice but didn’t make it to the end. With Krejci questionable, Boston also called up Karson Kuhlman. This move was moved due to the Krejci issues and the fact Brett Ritchie went on waivers.

Just as we were thinking the Boston Bruins we’re back on track, seems to have taken a turn for the worst. As we know the Pittsburgh Penguins (29-12-5) have always been a hot team and the fact that Sidney Crosby is back in the line up doesn’t help either.

Projected Lineups:

Marchand- Bergeron- Pastrnak

Debrusk- Coyle- Bjork

Heinen- Lindholm- Kuhlman

Nordstrom- Kuraly- Wagner

Starting Goalies:

Boston– Jaroslav, Halak- GAA 2.49 / SV% .919 (10W/ 5L / 6OTL)

Pittsburgh– Tristan, Jarry- GAA 2.12 / SV% .930 (16W/ 6L/ 1OTL)

Tonight’s Game: 7PM- TD Garden- Boston, Mass.

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Winning Streak Ends In Philadelphia, Bruins Travel To Columbus.


The Boston Bruins went on to lose in a shoot out with the Philadelphia Flyers last night in what could be the worst lose of the season. Both Carter Hart and Jaroslav Halak had a tremendous performance in the net last night, but for Brad Marchand it was the opposite.

Brad Marchand went on to botching his shoot out attempt, by touching the puck and skating to the net without it. All in all who knows what could have happened if Marchand went on to score.

Tonight’s game takes us to Columbus, Ohio where the Boston Bruins (27-8-12) look to rebound against the Columbus Blue Jackets (22-16-8). Columbus is looking to get a two game winning streak as they shutout the Vegas Golden Knights last Saturday (3-0 in regulation).

As far as injuries, Boston is looking better but for tonight’s game it was a coach decision to sit Mat Grzelcyk and start Steven Kampfer. Brett Ritchie remains on the third line as the right winger as well.

Starting Goalies:

Boston– Tuukka, Rask- GAA 2.27 / SV%.925 (17W/ 4L/ 6OTL)

Columbus– Elvis, Merzlikins- GAA 2.70 / SV%.915 (5W/ 6L/ 4OTL)

Tonight’s Game: 7PM- Nationwide Arena- Columbus, Ohio

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Bruins Continue The Winning Streak, Head To Philadelphia To Face Flyers.


The Boston Bruins (27-8-11)are coming off a three game win streak (Defeated: Predators, Jets and Islanders). They look to continue that streak tonight as they face the Philadelphia Flyers (23-16-6).

Tonight is a huge night for defense man Zdeno Chara as this will be his 1000th career game dressed as the captain. Now Chara will be the 6th Boston Bruin to complete this feat. He is now on the list for this among players such as Patrice Bergeron, Wayne Cashman, Ray Bourque, Johnny Buyck, and Don Sweeney.

The Boston Bruins remain to be the only team in the NHL to have not reached the double digits in the loss column and remains to be the leader for the Atlantic.

One of the main reasons the Bruins have been doing great is the goaltending and defense. Both Tuukka Rask and Jaroslav Halak have combined for the second most shutout wins with five and the third highest team save percentage of .9206.

Starting Goalies:

Boston– Jaroslav, Halak- GAA 2.34 / SV%.923 (10 W/ 4 L/ 5OTL)

Philadelphia– Carter, Hart- GAA 2.53 / SV%.908 (14 W/ 11 L/ 3OTL)

Tonight’s Game: 7PM- Wells Fargo Center- Philadelphia, Penn.

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Pastrnak Gets The Hat Trick, Bruins Head To New York To Face Islanders.

David Pastrnak, Patrice Bergeron

The Boston Bruins took down the Winnipeg Jets (5-4 in regulation). David Pastrnak went on to get his 7th career hat trick. On top of Pastrnak’s 3 goals Jake Debrusk went on to score 2 goals of his own, and got an assist.

The Bruins (26-8-11) head to Brooklyn to face the New York Islanders (27-12-3). The Bruins are coming off of a huge win against the Jets and the Islanders look to continue a small winning streak that they have established.

Boston looks to have overcome most of its injuries and is overall looking like a healthier team. Zdeno Chara was absent from the game against the Jets and continues to be on a day to day status.

On top of Zdeno Chara being out, Conor Clifton is on the injured reserved list along with Jakub Lauko. Their return is unknown but as far as healthy things have taken a complete turn around and are looking good.

Starting Goalies:

Boston– Tuukka, Rask- GAA 2.29 / SV% .924 (16W / 4L / 6OTL)

New York(I)– Semyon, Varlamov- GAA 2.30 / SV% .924 (15W / 5L / 3OTL)

Tonight’s game: 7PM- Barclays Center- Brooklyn, New York

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Bye Bye Brady… Hello To An Old Friend..?

As all my exes have said “sometimes it’s time to move on”, and after 20 years together it’s the first time Tom Brady will have that chance as he hits Free Agency.  Just today on Brady’s instagram he wrote he still “has more to prove”. Is it with New England or somewhere else? As much as I like to be the naysayer, there are very few teams that would make sense to bring in a QB in his 40s. Unless it’s completely to drive ticket sales, like the 2 teams opening stadiums in new cities, the Chargers and Raiders.

Realistically I give Brady about an 80% of returning, unless Belichick decides he’s completely done with him. So for this  article lets talk about the % chance of each QB being the starting QB for the Patriots IF Brady decides to leave. I could include Brady, but I’d just be dividing out the other 20%… So I took him off the table.

Believe it or not, this added up to 100% no my first try…

Here are the free agents that have a history of starting

  • Tom Brady *** Take out of the discussion for conversation sake***
  • Marcus Mariota 15% – With the likelihood that Tannehill  returns to TEN, Mariota will be a free agent. Although he has underwhelmed, Belichick has always said good things about him including he’s a “smart player that makes good decisions”. Sounds like the exact type of player he would want.
  • Teddy Bridgewater 10% – Teddy took less with NO to play for a good team. Why not go from a backup with a great team to starter for a historic team? If nothing else, he can be a safe game manager.
  • Phillip Rivers 5% – LA is the place Brady is most rumored to go to, leaving Rivers free. A great QB leaving, an aging roster, why not bring in a QB with plenty of experience that doesn’t need a steep learning curve. But would he be able to win the big game?
  • Blake Bortles 5% but this is fake 5% – Because even if he’s on the roster, I could see it as a veteran backup.
  • Ryan Tannehill 5%. – I think he returns to TEN but if not, you know how Bill loves the converted WRs and vice-versa.
  • Taysom Hill 3% – I imagine the Saints will resign him, but Bill would have a literal field day with him.
  • Drew Brees 2% – It’d be really fun to see Brees and Brady switch teams, and still be under HOF coaches, but I can’t imagine that Brees leaves NO.
  • Case Keenum 2% – IF they needed a vet to hold the fort until a rookie or Stidham comes along, maybe Keenum would get a shot.
  • Dak Prescott >1% – Come on… Jerry is signing him.
  •  Jameis Winston >1% – As much fun as he would be, there is no chance Bill brings in a QB who threw 30 picks.
  • Eli Manning 0% – GTFOH

Trade Options

  • Jacoby Brissett. 15% – HE’S BACK! Ok obviously he’s the starter for the Colts right now. But some mock drafts (USA TODAY) have the Colts taking Jordan Love. Maybe they would move him for an asset.
  • Nick Foles 8% – It seems likely the Jags will go with Minshew. Does Foles get a starting job? Was Bill impressed how Foles led the Eagles to SB victory?
  • Baker Mayfield 7% – OK. The Pats were interested in him but obviously he went 1st. But in this Brady leaving scenario, there is this little rumor that Josh and Brady go to CLE together. I doubt it, but if that’s the case, Baker would become the Browns backup.
  • Tyrod Taylor 1% – Bill has seen a lot of tape on Taylor. But I don’t think he’s overly impressed.

Roster Cut Potential – Guys that seem likely to be cut by their teams.

  • Andy Dalton 11% – Dalton is the most wild-card of the free agent QBs. There is a tier of very good options, a tier of guys that probably won’t get starting gigs, and Dalton is right in the middle.  He’s perfect to lead a team to the middle ground.
  • Joe Flacco 5% – Bill likes the veterans but I don’t think he likes how one-note Flacco’s play style is.

On Roster  (I didn’t include him in my % when I added up to 100% since he’s already on the roster)

  • Jarrett Stidham 25% – Don’t’ get me wrong, he’s 100% on the roster next season. But based on his good preseason last year, there’s a 25% chance he’s starting next season if Brady leaves. I could think of another impressive 1st year player that took over after a year under-studying…


  • Jake Fromm 4% – Fromm’s stock has dropped greatly, but in order to get him in the draft, Bill would need to trade up to the 2nd… or trade down. Hmmm. But Bill has a history of taking guys who’s stock dropped the year before the draft. Value picks.
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Bruins Take Down Nashville: Onto Hosting Winnipeg


The Boston Bruins took down the Nashville Predators with six goals from six different players. Players include David Pastrnak, Patrice Bergeron, Chris Wagner, David Krejci, Danton Heinen, and Charlie Coyle. On top of the goals, Matt Grzelyck went on to get two assists of his own.

The Winnipeg Jets (24-16-4) come the the US to face the Boston Bruins (25-8-11). The Jets went on to win last night in a shoot out, but what got them there was a goal scored late by the Toronto Maple Leafs. David Pastrnak is slowly building up his momentum again as he scored in his last three games at least once. Pastrnak continues to lead the NHL with 32 goals (Auston Matthews 31) and has been a great forward for the Boston Bruins.

Along with Pastrnak, Patrice Bergeron has been showing quite the comeback as he continues to put numbers on the board. On top of the veterans doing a great job, the young talent doesn’t go unnoticed.

What is also special about this young talent, is the fact that a few of them come straight from Massachusetts (Matt Grzelyck- Charlestown/ Charlie Coyle- Weymouth/ Chris Wagner- Wellesley).

Returning to the lineup tonight will be David Backes. Other returns would also be Torey Krug. Krug has been out for a short amount of time but is currently a game time decision.

Starting Goalies:

Boston- Jaroslav, Halak- GAA 2.25 / SV%.928 (9W/ 4L/ 5OTL)

Winnipeg– Laurent, Brossoit- GAA 3.50 / SV%.889 (4W/ 4L)

Tonight’s Game: 7PM- TD Garden- Boston, Mass.

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Boston Bruins: Road Trip To Nashville


The Boston Bruins continue to lose as they just lost their third straight game to the Edmonton Oilers (4-1 in Regulation).

The Boston Bruins (24-8-11) will make their way to Tennessee to face the Nashville Predators (19-15-7). The last time these two teams have met the Predators went on to win in overtime 4-3.

The Boston Bruins look to prevent another lose occurring so they can get back on a winning streak. The only real thing the Bruins need to do and it’s been talked about countless times they need to score, play conservatively and maintain the lead. The reason why they lose is because they will have a commanding lead but they let their opponents out score them.

Starting Goalies:

Boston: Tuukka, Rask- GAA 2.30/ SV% .923 (15W/ 4L/ 6OTL)

Nashville: Pekke, Rinne- GAA 2.98/ SV% .896 (14W/ 8L/ 3OTL)

Tonight’s game: 8PM- Bridgestone Arena- Nashville, Tennessee

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Bruins Host Edmonton Oilers, First Time Since 10/18/18

Edmonton Oilers v Boston Bruins

The Boston Bruins open the New Year with a overtime loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets. The biggest issue the Boston Bruins have faced all season is the overtime loses and getting the lead and absolutely throwing away the game.

The Boston Bruins (24-7-11) host the Edmonton Oilers (21-17-5) in a Saturday matinee. The last time these two teams have met was back in 2018. The Oilers went on to win that game 3-2 in overtime. The main cause for concern for the Boston Bruins are the star offense Edmonton posses.

The Edmonton Oilers bring one of the biggest names in the NHL today. That is Connor McDavid. McDavid currently leads the NHL in Points (64) and Assists (42). With the Oilers having Connor McDavid as their top player, the Bruins have some of their own. David Pastrnak is one of many great talents on this Bruins team. He is currently holding the league with 30 goals and also has 30 assists.

Other players like Brad Marchand and Patrice Bergeron have been performing great for the team. The two veteran players (who also share the same line as David Pastrnak) have a combined 37 Goals and 58 Assists.

Starting Goalies:

Boston: Jaroslav, Halak- GAA 2.20 / SV%.930 ( 9W / 3L / 5 OTL)

Edmonton: Mike, Smith- GAA 3.11 / SV%.892 ( 7W / 9L / 3OTL)

Today’s Game: 1PM- TD Garden- Boston, Mass.

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