Sephora Classes and Mini-Sessions

Sephora Classes and Mini Sessions

As a girl who loves all things beauty related, Sephora is one of my favorite stores. With five locations in Boston, I can pop into Sephora in almost every neighborhood in the city. Their variety of products are unmatched, their employees are extremely knowledgeable and are always happy to help, and their return policy truly benefits the customer.

One of the best services Sephora offers are their classes and mini-sessions. The Sephora location at the Prudential Center offers mini-sessions that focus on different beauty techniques. From their Makeup Mini: Lash and Dash to Skincare Mini: Personalized Skin Consultation, these fifteen to thirty-minute sessions with a Sephora beauty expert will provide you with amazing tips and tricks and maybe a new product or two.

The mini-sessions can be booked online, through the Sephora app, or they take walk-ins. These sessions are free of charge and are very easy to reserve. I used the Sephora app and was able to select the specific mini-session I wanted and a date and time that worked best for me. There was plenty of availability because they offer classes all day and into the evening, so I was able to fit the class in around my work schedule.

I signed up for a Makeup Mini: Quick Lip to find the perfect lip combination for the holiday season. Dressing up any outfit with a pop of color on my lips is my favorite thing to do!

The classes and mini-sessions are held at Sephora’s Beauty Studio in the Prudential Center. This is where I met my beauty expert and we started discussing all things lipstick. My beauty expert was excellent and made the whole experience fun and enjoyable. He started off asking if I had a specific color in mind, what products I like and already use, and emphasized that lipstick transforms any outfit (I totally agree!). So what was I looking for in this mini-session? THE perfect red lip combination for the holidays.

A few minutes later, he returned with three products: Huda Beauty lip liner, Sephora lip stain and a Stila gloss to finish off the look. Huda Beauty is known for their high quality products, Sephora’s lip stains are creamy, hydrating, and affordable and Stila glosses are feminine and gorgeous. We started with the lip liner and then applied the lipstick and lip gloss with a makeup brush. Using a brush will evenly apply the product and reflects the true color of the lipstick, which is a great tip that I learned from a prior Sephora make-up class.

I absolutely loved each of these products. They complimented each other and created the perfect red lip for the holiday season! I wear red lipstick year-round because it is such a statement, but I especially love how festive it looks during the holiday season.

My beauty expert and I talked about the different classes and services Sephora offers. I want to highlight Sephora’s Confidence Classes: Brave Beauty in the Face of Cancer and Bold Beauty for the Transgender Community and Workforce. Sephora offers 90-minute Confidence Classes to help people face life fearlessly.

A final quick tip about Sephora: you can buy any product, bring it home and try it. If you don’t like it, you can return it and will be refunded in full! Before I knew about this policy, I was hesitant to try new things because it was expensive to purchase something, use it once and never use it again. After I learned about this policy, I became more adventurous. I am not afraid to try new brands, new products, and experiment with colors.

If you have specific makeup questions, want to learn a new technique, or don’t know where to start when it comes to beauty, Sephora’s classes and mini-sessions are perfect for you!

Sephora’s mini sessions are available throughout the year and the 60-minute classes begin again in January 2020. Download the Sephora app and plan your first class today!

You can learn more about my favorite Sephora products on my blog, lastcoll!

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Lord, Grant Me Strength

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(Photo via Bart Young/Getty Images)

I’m usually the numbers guy. What I don’t have in strength I make up in… eyeglasses. One of the benefits of the glasses, I guess, is that I know bad when I see it. And let me tell you what these eyes see. Grant Williams is not good at basketball. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a try-hard, energy guy that Boston will LOVE to root for. But is his time on the floor worth it?

Coming into the season Boston seemed to have a void with the big men (for the sake of this story, I’m talking about guys that play mostly down low, so not Tatum). While they don’t have a bona fide starter, they’ve been able to piece it together well. They don’t have an all-around big man, but Kanter can score on almost anyone and is a great rebounder. Theis isn’t a great offensive player, he’s serviceable, but he’s doing great defensively and can get boards. Robert Williams is young ,but what we’ve seen defensively out of him is looking great. He gives feels of early DeAndre Jordan lob-city days. Ojeleye, can really D up with a wide variety of guys, he’s jacked, cant get backed down by a big, but quick enough to stay in front of a wing.

So that brings me to the only other “big” that gets significant minutes. Grant Williams. He’s listed as 6’6 236, shorter than even Semi and almost as heavy. He’s ok at stopping teams from backing down, but the players can reach over him and he’s not quick so players get around him. So on defense what’s he add? I admit, he takes a nice charge. In that aspect could he be a Leon Powe? Well, Powe was bigger, stronger, and seems to be better all around player. Powe was also drafted halfway through the 2nd round.

On offense Williams has had a historically bad 3 point shooter to start a career. After Friday night’s game vs the Nuggets he’s 0-25. His Effective Field Goal Percentage is .246%, that’s not even 100 percentage points within the 2nd worth teammate.

This aren’t high hopes from a 1st round pick. In college he was a good player, his height and speed we’re as much a factor in college. But let’s look how the Celts navigated the draft. The Celtics traded out of the 20th pick and took Williams at 22nd. They later took Carsen Edwards with the pick they got from the deal, 33rd overall. Instead of trading down, they could have taken Edwards with that 22nd pick and 20th they could have taken Matisse Thybulle, Brandon Clarke, Eric Paschall or a handful of other players that may have been better options at that point. I know it’s early to judge all these rookies, but you can’t teach athleticism.

Don’t get me wrong, Williams seems like an all-around great guy. He brought candles to his teammates and staff. He seems to have a good basketball IQ. He’s gotta use that to his advantage, be the right place at the right time, set beautiful screens, and maybe find his shot. His body is a liability but he needs to find a way to make it an asset like Glen Davis. There is a way to use the lower center of gravity and wider body. I don’t think all is lost with Grant Williams but at this point, he’s not even looking like a big baby career. If his best assets are trying hard and being smart, he’s gotta find the ways to be the best role player he can be. Celtics fans will love that. But right now he’s more of a liability than anything.

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Four Game Losing Streak: Onto Florida To Face The Lightning.


The Boston Bruins (20-6-6) skid into a four game losing streak, losing to the Washington Capitals (23-5-5) 3-2 in regulation last night. Tonight the Bruins head to Florida to take on the Tampa Bay lightning (15-11-3). Both teams are in the Atlantic division but only 13 points separate the two.

Tonight’s Takeaway: The Boston Bruins look to hopefully end the losing streak tonight in Tampa Bay. The Lightning lost last Tuesday to the Florida Panthers 2-1 in regulation. The Lightning have quite a few players who have a great reputation on the offensive side of the game. Players like Steven Stamkos ( 11G / 16A ) have been around for quite sometime and has always been an elite player being selected number one overall in the 2008 NHL Draft. He has thrived throughout the years and will eventually make his way into the NHL Hall of Fame someday.  With Stamkos aside you have other players such as Nikita Kucherov ( 10G / 21A ), Ondřej Palát ( 9G / 7A ) and defensemen like Victor Hedman ( 7G / 20A ) Kevin Shattenkirk ( 5G / 17A ). While the offense is scoring goals, it seems like most of the assists come from a defenseman.

This losing streak for the Boston Bruins is not a good look. Sure, they have a 10 point lead but sense they are playing Tampa Bay tonight and the Panthers Saturday they share the same division. If the Bruins lose their next two games in regulation that 10 point lead will easily drop down to 6 or even 4. David Pastrnak ( 26G / 20A ) still leads the NHL in goals (Alexander Ovechkin 2nd- 21 G) but went through a drought there for a minute. Scoring a goal in last nights loss ended his four game streak without a goal, but did get three assists in that time. Since the return of Patrice Bergeron (December 9th) and after he has been suffering a lower body injury he has seen a normal amount of ice time ( 22 MINS) and scored only a single goal. With his return to the line-up, and having line mates like David Pastrnak and Brad Marchand hopefully he can get more goals or assists to go through the rest of the season with solid stats. 

Starting Goalies:

Boston- Tuukka Rask (13-W / 3-L 2.19 GAA .927 SV%)

Tampa Bay- Andrei Vasilevskiy (12-W / 8-L 2.82 GAA .910 SV%)

Tonights Game: 7PM-Amalie Arena- Tampa, Florida


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Review: The Irishman doesn’t age well

Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 10.11.42 PM

Holy Moly was that an atrocious piece of fecal matter!!!!

Jimmy Hoffa disappeared when he was 62. He’s played by 79 year old Al Pacino who, when he is first introduced into the movie, attempts to impersonate a Hoffa in his 40s. It’s laughable.

Likewise, 76 year old Bobby DeNiro is actually trying to pull off an early 30s Frank Sheeran. He is wearing padding under his clothes that make it appear as if he is wearing football shoulder pads through much of the movie.

It’s like an SNL sketch where way too old guys play high school or junior high kids to get a laugh. Joe Pesci is a thousand!

They walk like old men trying to not walk like old men.

How did these great actors do at their trade? Good grief. Pacino goes in and out from doing his Lefty Ruggiero character in Donnie Brasco to Lt. Colonel Frank Slade in Scent of a Woman. Albeit, geriatric versions of those characters. He’s absolutely abysmal in this film.

DeNiro speaks perfectly fine beneath his shoulder pads and then, in the last unnecessary hour of the film, he starts saying ‘youse’ instead of ‘you’ for some reason. His speech is now that of someone who had less schooling than the character in the first ridiculously long 2 and a half hours of the movie.

To try and make Al, Joe and Bobby look younger, Marty uses way too old extras and character actors. It’s like the whole crime world is run by the cast of Cocoon.

Marty uses the same tact that was used in Casino which is to fill in a busy story by using a narrator to fill in the blanks of what is a horribly assembled editing job of a terribly tedious script.

If this movie used age appropriate, good actors and a director who was years away from losing his fastball it still wouldn’t be as good as ‘Mobsters’ starring Christian Slater in ‘91. At least Christian didn’t wear under armor for the role.

Soog. Out.

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‘Friends’ Pop-Up Comes To Life In Boston, Complete With Central Perk

Friends Pop-Up Boston

From ‘Friends’ pop-up in New York City | Ali Kate Cherkis | The New York Times

Exciting news for Bostonians! The ‘Friends’ pop-up experience is coming to Boston complete with the iconic Central Perk “orange couch” that the crew always lounging on!

The pop-up original ran in NYC (of course ) first and now if gearing up to bring the excitement to Boston.

As I sit (actually standing…yup I stand) and type this all I can remember is growing up as a little young stallion and having my mom literally be ADDICTED to Friends….each and every Thursday (I think that was the night) we would gobble up our dinners in front of the tv and pretend we were hanging out with Rachel and the gang at the Central Perk.

Ahhh haha good times!

Ok back to the details…

The pop-up opens in the Fenway neighborhood on Nov 21 and goes until Jan 5. It will be located at 401 Park, at the corner of Brookline Ave and Fullerton Street.

Tickets go on sale this Friday (Nov 1) at 12pm on the official pop-up

Part of the pop-up will feature a mock Central Perk cafe menu, with beverages and food available for purchase. During the NYC pop-up the cafe featured menu options like: Joey’s New York Apple Pie, Chandler’s Licked Banana Nut Muffin (yum!) and many more fun themed names. 

‘Friends’ New York Pop-Up | Instagram @dstylemakeupofficial

Along side the mock set-up of the Central Perk Cafe, there will be REAL select props from the show, an interactive exhibit and full retail store to grab their favorite show merchandise. 

Fans will be able to recreate memorable scenes from the show including: pivoting Ross’s couch up the stairs and peeking through Monica’s purple apartment door! 👀 

Hours for the pop-up will be 9:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Closed on Christmas Day, but will be open until 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, and running through 1 a.m. on New Years Eve. There will also be a secret special Friendsgiving event on Thanksgiving from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Column: Boston University’s fake-o-nomics Darling

Column: Boston University’s fake-o-nomics Darling

It costs a pretty penny to earn a diploma in stupid. The annual list price to attend Boston University – including tuition, fees, room and board – currently rounds out to $70,000. To acquire a degree in economics from this tony institution of higher learning, an undergrad must complete courses in calculus, microeconomic and macroeconomic analysis, empirical economics, statistics and assorted electives. Four years, 52 credits and nearly $300,000 later, the school promises that BU economics majors will depart “with a firm understanding of core microeconomic and macroeconomic theory” and the “empirical skills that are essential to applying economic […]

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Boston woman briefly becomes millionaire

Boston woman briefly becomes millionaire

BOSTON (WHDH) – A Boston woman’s bank account jumped from $50 to more than $1.1 million Wednesday. Ellen Fleming was alerted to a large deposit in her account from her bank’s branch manager. She checked her banking app, and sure enough, a million dollars was deposited into her account. “The only thing I could think is that a relative died and left me a million dollars,” Fleming said. But after looking into the surprise deposit, it turned out to be a mixup. The money was intended for an Ellen Fleming in Florida. (Copyright (c) 2018 Sunbeam Television. All Rights […]

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From Bachelorette to Bride: The UItimate Wedding Weekend

From Bachelorette to Bride: The UItimate Wedding Weekend

Brides-to-be know there’s no better place for a luxury wedding than Boston. Tying the knot in the shadow of skyscrapers in America’s most historic city guarantees a glamorous and unforgettable affair for all. If you’re set on saying “I do” downtown, plan your wedding weekend at Mandarin Oriental, Boston in Back Bay. Begin with the bridal shower. Your shower doesn’t need to be months or weeks before your wedding day. Keeping all festivities within the weekend is a new trend that helps brides during the busy summer season, takes the stress off your maid of honor, and makes it […]

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Scenes from Think. Teach. Do. Receptions

Scenes from Think. Teach. Do. Receptions

In 2017, the School of Public Health re-branded its alumni receptions as Think. Teach. Do. receptions to align alumni activities with the school’s core purpose: “Think. Teach. Do. For the health of all.” The school hosted 10 receptions over the course of the 2017–2018 academic year, including ones held in conjunction with the annual APHA meeting in Atlanta and the WHO World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland . Each reception featured a faculty member speaking about their research, with topics ranging from “Before the Flood: How Public Health Can Help Solve the Climate Crisis” to “Research at the Intersection […]

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Advocacy group opens up Boston Harbor for all

Advocacy group opens up Boston Harbor for all

Boston Harbor Now works to make the waterfront accessible Boston Harbor Now’s community cruises give neighborhood residents a tour of the harbor islands. Photos: courtesy Boston Harbor Now On Monday, August 27, Boston Harbor Now will host the Mattapan Community Cruise, a free harbor cruise for all Mattapan residents. The community cruise initiative is just one of several ways Boston Harbor Now is working to make the harbor and its programming more accessible. Boston Harbor Now’s community cruises give neighborhood residents a tour of the harbor islands. Photos: courtesy Boston Harbor Now The community cruises offer food, music, intergenerational […]

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