5 Worst Hotels in Boston: Never Host Your In-Laws Again

5 Worst Hotels in Boston: Never Host Your In-Laws Again

With the holiday season here, it’s only a matter of time before your obnoxious in-laws start making plans to visit. Instead of hosting them this year, why not encourage them to stay at a nearby hotel? After all, you’re not running a bed and breakfast out of your house. Have a rocky relationship with your family? Trying to prove a point? Send them to one of the 5 worst hotels in Boston guaranteed to unravel even the most laidback traveler. 

Club Quarters

worst hotels in boston club quarters

While the city center location places travelers right in the heart of the action, the outdated and dingy rooms leave much to be desired at Club Quarters. One Yelper even found a pair of men’s loafers under the bed while searching for the remote control. Another started their review stating, “the first thing that comes up in suggested google searches is ‘Club Quarters Bed Bugs.’ Thats really all you need to know”. Your in-laws can enjoy completely stained pull-out sofas, lackluster cleaning standards, and cigarette-burned bedding. 3/5 on Yelp

Global Luxury Suites

worst hotels in boston

Customer service that leaves much to be desired and a ZERO refund policy await overnight guests of the Global Luxury Suites. One reviewer simple stated, “This is the worst experience in my life in 30 years of active travel.” Why scam your relatives when GLS can get the job done? 1/5 on Yelp

The Farrington Inn

worst hotels in boston the farrington inn

Why host your in-laws at your house when you can send them to a hostile hostel? Guarantee they’ll be running for “Team No Sleep” after one night of shared bathrooms, moldy odors, and an assortment of critters. One Yelper hilariously described part of their adventure at The Farrington Inn saying, “What is that on the comforter? Blood? Bodily fluids? Wax? Who knows! Just pull the comforter back for even MORE surprises! Maybe you’ll get lucky and find stains, or even better, the last guests’ hair!!!! But you see, we had the best luck and won them ALL!” 2/5 on Yelp

Rodeway Inn Logan International Airport

rodeway inn logan international worst hotels in boston

Don’t let the name fool you: Rodeway Inn Logan International Airport is actually 5 miles from the airport. Not only do the accommodations leave much to be desired, travelers are discouraged from using the hotel’s parking lot for a variety of reasons. One guest’s experience included, “Q-tips from my center console had been used and left all over the car. USED Q-TIPS ALL OVER MY CAR. That is disgusting…Radio, drive mode and other settings on my car had been changed”. 2/5 on Yelp

Hotel Boston

Sick and tired of cleaning up after Aunt Karen? Give her a taste of her own medicine and recommend a stay at one of the worst hotels in Boston. Lucky patrons can check into unkempt hotel rooms and discover trash treasures left behind by previous visitors. A guest from the Garden State said Hotel Boston “smells like trash and disease I’d rather sleep in a homeless tent city”. 2/5 on Yelp

What do you think is the worst hotel in Boston?