Pumpkin Spice Season is HERE: Where to Get Your Fall Flavor Fix

While summer technically ends on September 22, coffee shops and restaurants have began pushing their pumpkin spice and fall flavored products earlier and earlier. Sure you can head to the nearest Starbucks (starting on August 24, 2021) for a PSL or you can check out these Boston alternatives to get your fall flavor fix. Who doesn’t love apple cider donuts, pecan sticky buns, and hazelnut lattes anyways? If you hate fall but like coffee we’ve got another blog for you.

Trident Booksellers

pumpkin spice trident

We’ve been a longtime fan of Trident Booksellers. Who doesn’t love coffee and a bookstore? Trident is serving Vermont maple lattes and pumpkin spice lattes this autumn. Did you know Trident has an award-winning magazine section? 

Ogawa Coffee


If you’re looking for autumn in a coffee cup, head to Ogawa Coffee in Downtown Crossing for their seasonal smoked maple latte. The ingredients include real maple syrup and vegan bacon salt creating the perfect concoction of sweet and savory. 

Jaho Coffee Roaster & Wine Bar

jaho's boston

As if Jaho’s hasn’t already won our hearts thanks to its coffee + wine concept, they’ve gone ahead and created a killer fall-infused drink menu!  Doordash is showing seasonal drinks including: maple soy lattes, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin chai lattes, and maple soy chai lattes. 

Thinking Cup


It’s easy to forget pumpkin isn’t the only flavor of fall. When you’re ready to take a break from the pumpkin spice lattes, head to the Thinking Cup and grab a hazelnut latte. Reviewed by plenty and loved by many, the hazelnut latte won’t disappoint you (like that time you found out there was no pumpkin in a Starbucks PSL until 2015). 

Flour Bakery & Cafe

pumpkin spice flour boston

Flour Bakery & Cafe has a reputation for serving incredible treats and drinks year-round. Their sticky buns have even been featured on an episode of Bobby Flay’s Best Thing Bobby Ever Ate. Stop by the South End and check out their pumpkin spice latte, ginger molasses cookies, and seasonal specials this fall. 

South End Buttery

pumpkin spice south end buttery

If brown butter pumpkin muffins don’t scream autumn nothing does. South End Buttery opened in 2005 and has expanded ever since while focusing on fresh ingredients, community involvement, and incredible baked goods. PSA their Pecan Sticky Buns are only available on weekends at this time. 

Honorable Mentions

Red Apple Farm at Boston Public Market

red apple farm

As far as we know, Red Apple Farm doesn’t serve coffee. What they do have is some incredible mini apple cider donuts that are perfectly washed down with their fresh apple cider (served hot or cold). Who knew a stop by the Boston Public Market could trigger a trip down apple-picking memory lane? 


pumpkin spice dunkin

Every fall Dunkin‘ releases a ton of pumpkin spice items. If you’re in a bind, you may as well pair a pumpkin cream cold brew coffee with a handful of pumpkin spice munchkins for the #allinonpumpkin experience.