Cam or Mac – Lets See The Kid Play

I will start off by saying I am a big Cam Newton fan. He is energetic, kind, and an overall great sports personality. He was different in almost everyway from The Goat that reigned supreme here for the past two decades. Loosing TB12 hurt in all our hearts and is still an open wound for some. Alas, we are over a year into our newest Patriots chapter.
When the Patriots signed Cam, I was as excited to see a Quarterback who is the size of a Linebacker bowl over our opponents en route to what I assumed would be an easy playoff berth. How a year changes things in the eyes of all of us seems to be the unofficial motto of the next decade for both the sports world, and real life.

As the 2021 season quickly approaches, and like many I am excited to see our great NE team take the field once again. As the homer that I am, I think only of trouncing the teams of old on our way to another Lombardi trophy. Now I sit and wonder what the best recourse is for the team that calls Foxborough home.

If we had to replace the greatest quarterback ever such as Brady, looking to a former MVP is not a bad place to start. Cam has been to a Super Bowl, been under pressure, and scrutiny. What a logical choice everyone thought this time last year. With the 2021 draft now in the rearview mirror, and the emergence of Mac Jones this preseason, the million-dollar question is: who does the evil genius with the ripped hoodie start this season?

The talent in the offense for last year’s Patriots team was subpar. Anyone with eyes could see that it was not a top-of-the-line unit. Besides the emergence of Jacobi Meyers most of last year’s team was filled with J.A.G.s(Just A Guy). Plenty of new additions such as Jonnu Smith, Hunter Henry, and Nelson Agholor bolster our offense that seem ready to get back to its glory days.

With Cam you get leadership, likeability, and years of experience. With Mac you get the unknown, and that is what I love about him. There is a reason so many people love gambling – you never know when you will hit and win big. With Mac we enter the unknown mixed with the unexpected. Yes, he will make mistakes as even the greatest of QBs did in their youth.

I can personally say that I am excited for this interesting new Patriots future and want to see what the kid can do. Again, I am Cam fan, and am open to seeing what he is capable of in a better offense. Belichick will do what he deems is best for the team and turn his nose to the rest of us without batting an eyelash. I for one, say give the kid a chance and let’s see if he can ball out. Let see what made him the 15th overall draft pick. Let’s watch the next great Patriots team learn, grow, and win before our eyes.