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Boston Sandwiches: 15 Best Subs Around Town

Who doesn’t love a good sandwich? Fortunately for Bostonians, the options are ample. Whether you’re looking for the biggest meatball sub, the freshest lobster roll, or something international, you’re sure to find it in this city. Here are a few of our favorite spots for Boston sandwiches.


pennypackers boston sandwiches

Head to Pennypackers in Somerville to experience one of their famous porchetta sandwiches described by one Redditor as “among the greatest of all time”.

Sam LaGrassa

sam lagrassa boston sandwiches

Sam LaGrassa has catered to the DTX lunch crowd since 1968. Stop by between 11:00am and 2:00pm Monday through Friday for your fill of smoked meat sandwiches. 

Archie’s New York Deli

archie's boston sandwiches

The best spot in DTX for breakfast sandwiches is Archie’s New York Deli. Early risers are in luck as Archie’s opens at 7:00am Monday through Friday. 


chacarero boston sandwiches

Craving Chilean? Head to Chacarero for authentic cuisine and fresh ingredient. PSA green beans in sandwiches is surprisingly underrated. 

Ma Magoos

ma magoos boston sandwiches

Arguably the best bang for your buck in terms of sandwich size, Ma Magoos in Cambridge serves a wide variety of specialty subs and wraps. 

Bahn Mi Ba Le

bahn mi ba le boston sandwiches

 If you’ve never had a Vietnamese sandwich, head to Bahn Mi Ba Le in Dorchester immediately. With over 10 variations of the Southeast Asian staple, Ba Le offers something for everybody.

Monica’s Mercato

monica's mercato boston sandwiches

Head to the famous Monica’s Mercato in the North End where size really does matter. Their Italian sub just might change your life.  

Figaro’s Boston

figaro's boston sandwiches

Figaro’s in the North End has been a Boston sandwich staple since 2002. This family-owned and operated restaurant has even been featured on episodes of Phantom Gourmet and Chopped.

Parish Cafe

parish cafe boston sandwiches

Featuring gourmet sandwiches created by local chefs, don’t sleep on Parish Cafe. Located in Back Bay, Parish Cafe is the perfect spot to stop for lunch. 

New Deal Fruit

new deal fruit boston sandwiches

Don’t let the name fool you, New Deal Fruit in Revere has plenty of sandwiches for carnivores. Check out their Grand Slam sandwich if you’re feeling extra hungry. 


pauli's boston sandwiches

Whether you’re looking for a lobster roll, a sandwich topped with mozzarella sticks, or something in between Pauli’s in the North End is the spot. 

Eagle’s Deli


Did you even live in Brookline if you’ve never had a sandwich from Eagle’s Deli? This Brookline restaurant has plenty to offer for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


atha's boston sandwiches

You won’t be asking “where’s the beef?” at this Peabody sub spot. Make a pit stop at Atha’s Roast Beef and Pizza and chow down on their award-winning sandwiches. 

Rondo’s Sub Shop

rondo's sub shop

Featured on Anthony Boudain’s No Reservations (season 7, episode 7), Rondo’s Sub Shop in Southie is a must for Boston foodies. Follow in the late great chef’s footsteps and order the steak sub complete with peppers and onions. 


tenoch boston

At Tenoch, you don’t have to choose between sandwiches and Mexican food. Grab a greasy torta combinada filled with chorizo, chicken, and ham—just don’t forget the napkins.