Sephora Classes and Mini Sessions

As a girl who loves all things beauty related, Sephora is one of my favorite stores. With five locations in Boston, I can pop into Sephora in almost every neighborhood in the city. Their variety of products are unmatched, their employees are extremely knowledgeable and are always happy to help, and their return policy truly benefits the customer.

One of the best services Sephora offers are their classes and mini-sessions. The Sephora location at the Prudential Center offers mini-sessions that focus on different beauty techniques. From their Makeup Mini: Lash and Dash to Skincare Mini: Personalized Skin Consultation, these fifteen to thirty-minute sessions with a Sephora beauty expert will provide you with amazing tips and tricks and maybe a new product or two.

The mini-sessions can be booked online, through the Sephora app, or they take walk-ins. These sessions are free of charge and are very easy to reserve. I used the Sephora app and was able to select the specific mini-session I wanted and a date and time that worked best for me. There was plenty of availability because they offer classes all day and into the evening, so I was able to fit the class in around my work schedule.

I signed up for a Makeup Mini: Quick Lip to find the perfect lip combination for the holiday season. Dressing up any outfit with a pop of color on my lips is my favorite thing to do!

The classes and mini-sessions are held at Sephora’s Beauty Studio in the Prudential Center. This is where I met my beauty expert and we started discussing all things lipstick. My beauty expert was excellent and made the whole experience fun and enjoyable. He started off asking if I had a specific color in mind, what products I like and already use, and emphasized that lipstick transforms any outfit (I totally agree!). So what was I looking for in this mini-session? THE perfect red lip combination for the holidays.

A few minutes later, he returned with three products: Huda Beauty lip liner, Sephora lip stain and a Stila gloss to finish off the look. Huda Beauty is known for their high quality products, Sephora’s lip stains are creamy, hydrating, and affordable and Stila glosses are feminine and gorgeous. We started with the lip liner and then applied the lipstick and lip gloss with a makeup brush. Using a brush will evenly apply the product and reflects the true color of the lipstick, which is a great tip that I learned from a prior Sephora make-up class.

I absolutely loved each of these products. They complimented each other and created the perfect red lip for the holiday season! I wear red lipstick year-round because it is such a statement, but I especially love how festive it looks during the holiday season.

My beauty expert and I talked about the different classes and services Sephora offers. I want to highlight Sephora’s Confidence Classes: Brave Beauty in the Face of Cancer and Bold Beauty for the Transgender Community and Workforce. Sephora offers 90-minute Confidence Classes to help people face life fearlessly.

A final quick tip about Sephora: you can buy any product, bring it home and try it. If you don’t like it, you can return it and will be refunded in full! Before I knew about this policy, I was hesitant to try new things because it was expensive to purchase something, use it once and never use it again. After I learned about this policy, I became more adventurous. I am not afraid to try new brands, new products, and experiment with colors.

If you have specific makeup questions, want to learn a new technique, or don’t know where to start when it comes to beauty, Sephora’s classes and mini-sessions are perfect for you!

Sephora’s mini sessions are available throughout the year and the 60-minute classes begin again in January 2020. Download the Sephora app and plan your first class today!

You can learn more about my favorite Sephora products on my blog, lastcoll!

Colleen Murray

The author Colleen Murray