I’ve Fixed the NHL Offsides Goal Challenge Rule

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I woke up thinking about the bull poop blue line offsides goal challenge in the NHL.

I had nightmares about it all night. Woke up in a furious sweat.

It’s clear the all mighty wants me to settle this situation once and for all. It’s too serious to leave this in the hands of the inept hockey commissioner.

The Solution(s): Either

  1. Chip every player’s skates. We are all waiting for the first use of true technology for use in officiating in a major sport. I thought it would be the strike zone in baseball. A logical place to start.

Maybe more logical is a sensory system that detects when a skate crosses a line.

Ask a runner how they knew there time in the Boston Marathon. They crossed two lines. A starting line and a finish line. Gee, I wonder if it works for blue lines? Doy!

  1. If the linesman doesn’t call it, it’s not offsides period.

There are 130-150 Blue Line Goal Challenges a year. Of those, 30-45 are overturned and called no goal.

The NHL could use 30-45 more goals a season with the walruses minding the net these days. I’ll take this solution all day.

Soog. Out.

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