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Holy Moly was that an atrocious piece of fecal matter!!!!

Jimmy Hoffa disappeared when he was 62. He’s played by 79 year old Al Pacino who, when he is first introduced into the movie, attempts to impersonate a Hoffa in his 40s. It’s laughable.

Likewise, 76 year old Bobby DeNiro is actually trying to pull off an early 30s Frank Sheeran. He is wearing padding under his clothes that make it appear as if he is wearing football shoulder pads through much of the movie.

It’s like an SNL sketch where way too old guys play high school or junior high kids to get a laugh. Joe Pesci is a thousand!

They walk like old men trying to not walk like old men.

How did these great actors do at their trade? Good grief. Pacino goes in and out from doing his Lefty Ruggiero character in Donnie Brasco to Lt. Colonel Frank Slade in Scent of a Woman. Albeit, geriatric versions of those characters. He’s absolutely abysmal in this film.

DeNiro speaks perfectly fine beneath his shoulder pads and then, in the last unnecessary hour of the film, he starts saying ‘youse’ instead of ‘you’ for some reason. His speech is now that of someone who had less schooling than the character in the first ridiculously long 2 and a half hours of the movie.

To try and make Al, Joe and Bobby look younger, Marty uses way too old extras and character actors. It’s like the whole crime world is run by the cast of Cocoon.

Marty uses the same tact that was used in Casino which is to fill in a busy story by using a narrator to fill in the blanks of what is a horribly assembled editing job of a terribly tedious script.

If this movie used age appropriate, good actors and a director who was years away from losing his fastball it still wouldn’t be as good as ‘Mobsters’ starring Christian Slater in ‘91. At least Christian didn’t wear under armor for the role.

Soog. Out.

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