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It’s time to give Dwight Evans his due.

The 2020 Modern Era Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot candidates are:

Dwight Evans, Steve Garvey, Tommy John, Don Mattingly, Marvin Miller, Thurman Munson, Dale Murphy, Dave Parker, Ted Simmons and Lou Whitaker

My ballot would be punched for Dwight Evans, Thurman Munson and Marvin Miller.

As has been the case in recent years, voters compare candidates who are on the bubble to the ‘worst’ Hall of Famers at their position.  That’s why the Hall of ‘Very Good’ now has undeserving members such as Tony Perez, Jack Morris, Bert Blyleven, Bruce Sutter, Andre Dawson, Craig Biggio, Allan Trammell, Mike Mussina and Harold Baines.   

I’m looking at where the former Sox right fielder stacks up with all of the HOF Right Fielders.  What I found is that, except for Batting Average, Dwight is smack dab in the middle of the HOFers in most major statistical categories.  Let’s take a look.  

There are 26 right fielders in the HOF.  Here is how Dewey stacks up versus Right Fielders currently in the Hall of Fame.  Get ready for a statistics headache.

WAR (Wins a player adds over average player at that position)

  • Evans WAR is better than 14 current HOFers.  
  • HOFers WAR Average- 71.5;  Dwight-67.1

WAR7 (Sum of the WAR of the best 7 seasons.  Need not be in a row)

  • Evans WAR7 is better than 11 current HOFers
  • HOFer WAR7 average-42.1; Dwight- 37.3

JAWS (Contains WAR/WAR7 to compare to average HOFers)

  • Evans JAWS is better than 14 current HOFers
  • HOFer JAWS Average- 56.8; Dwight- 52.2

Certainly, one of the main reasons Dewey isn’t already enshrined is his .272 batting average.  Only Reggie Jackson’s .262 is lower amongst right fielders in the Hall. However, no baseball player had more extra base hits in the decade of the 80s than the Sox right fielder

How does Evans stack up against current right fielders in the Hall of Fame in the more traditional metrics?  Let’s take a look.

385 Home Runs tops 17 of the 26 Right Fielders in HOF
.470 Slugging % tops 11 of the 26 Right Fielders in HOF

.840 OPS tops 12 of the 26 Right Fielders in HOF

127 OPS+ tops 8 of the 26 Right Fielders in HOF

.370 OBP tops 12 of the 26 Right Fielders in HOF

1384 RBI is more than 14 of 26 HOF RFs

2446 Hits is more than 8 of 26 HOF RFs

Dewey drew the 8th most walks of all Right Fielders ever which is better than 21 of those right fielders in the Hall which boosted his OBP.  Evans actually drew 16 more walks than Reggie Jackson while playing in 214 fewer games than Reggie Bar. 

It’s nearly impossible to be a better defensive right fielder; especially in what was one of the most difficult right fields in the game.  Evans is famous for patrolling the tricky Fenway outfield with an adroit glove and rocket arm. The strength and accuracy of his arm is often the first tool mentioned whenever Dwight’s name is invoked. 

Dewey graduates.  It’s time.  

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