Week 12: New England Patriots (9-1) V.s. Dallas Cowboys (6-4)

Oakland Raiders v New England Patriots

Here we go! Week 12 of 17 for the regular season, and this is going to be quite the match up! Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys coming into Foxborough to face Tom Brady and the New England Patriots! This may just be the game of the day. Lock the doors, get the gameday food on the table and buckle up! This is what you at home need to know:

Dallas Cowboys: With what could possibly be a dynamic duo between having Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot on the same offense how will the Patriots defense stop such talent? There is just endless options for the Dallas offense, whether if it is throw the ball down the field and out of coverage, or run the ball on the inside, outside to edge the defensive ends. Even with Dallas having so many options to have an explosive offensive day they have one little road block… New England Defense.

New England Defenseman: Gilmore, Van Noy, Hightower, and the McCourty brothers have been in these situations many of times. We are perhaps looking at the best New England Defense in the past decade. They have been unstoppable with 37 sacks and 11 fumble recoveries. The seasons far from over so expect to see those numbers bump up just a little bit higher. Tom Brady having a defense is always key to having a great offensive day. As they always say “Defense Wins Chanpionships.”

New England Offense: Tom Brady and company look to get another win on the books today. But how can they do that? Major thing this season thus far and it’s been hurting quite a bit is the penalties. Offensive line need to stay mentally strong and not jump the line! Not hold an opponent by the jersey! Silly things like that. Another key factor is catching the ball. Players like Julian Edelman, Mohammed Sanu, etc. have been dropping perfectly thrown passes. They need to hold onto the ball, bottom line.

Game starts today at 4:25PM- As always. Let’s Go Patriots!

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