If the Pats want to go 5 wide today, it’s going to look something like N’Keal Harry/Edelman/White/Jakobi Meyers/Matthew Slater.  As for the passing game in general, knowing what we know of Tom Brady, Edelman will see more throws than everyone else combined except James White whom you should start on your fantasy team.  This is a James White game.

Cowboys are 7th in Pass Defense and 15th in Run defense.  James White and his understudy, Rex Burkhead are going to be active in the flats.  They will also take their shots running at the right side of the Dallas line. Dallas #58, Quinn and #99 Woods have been particularly generous to opposing runners.  Now, the question is can the Pats come up with a formation that gets those blockers off the line. Isaiah Wynn if finally back!!!!! I mean anything he has is better than the turnstyle before him right?  

In terms of the Pats passing game, aside from the beating Edelman is going to take today with the absence of Sanu; TB is going to have to forgive all the errors in practice from the kids.  Let’s take N’Keal out for a spin today and stretch him out a little. Let’s forgive Meyers turning the wrong way last week and be confident he won’t do it this time. After all, most, if not all of TB’s 5 INTs were on him and not his target.  Time to give them the benefit of the doubt. Meyers is the guy who can take the load off of JE and JW. Stick with the short stuff. Set up up for that TE go route where Watson can grab his one catch up the field for 25 and some YAC. See if N’Keal is up for a long sideline back shoulder for 30 and YAC. 

Otherwise, you are at home, which is the biggest advantage of all.  Keep it simple game manager.

Defense have their hands full.  Wicked full.

Remember the Ravens game?  This QB is better at that type of game.  Deatrich Wise is on the the spot this week as he has got to establish that edge and seal it off.  Think about it. Prescott and Elliott back there on every play. Yikes. On whom do you spy? It’s not like you can afford a Safety here or linebacker there when you are looking at a 11 personnel consisting of WR Amari Cooper, Micheal Gallup, Randall Cobb with the aging Jason Witten.  Hoodie usually likes to double elite receivers and put Gilmore on the second biggest threat. I think this week they will mostly have Gilmore on Cooper depending on the situation. Instead of doubling up any of the receivers, I look for the Pats to employ a spy on (D.McCourty/ Collins) on Prescott. 

With the #1 Passing Offense, Dallas should expect NE to be looking to shut down Cooper.  The Pats run defense isn’t as terrible as the the fellowship of the miserable might have you believe (#10th in the NFL).  I think the Pats would be happy taking away Cooper, trying to minimize big plays from Elliot and leave Zac with dunks and sideline stuff. 

Oh, let’s hope this glorious New England weather holds up because our QB and Savior doesn’t lose when the ball is wet.  Let’s see how that indoor team with the explosive offense plays with wet wicks. I like the Patriots in this one.

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