The One Who Got Away: Mookie Betts


Some may say, “We dont need Mookie, we can trade up to acquire someone who has more time or some who can play equally as good.” That might be true and in a managers point of view could make for a blockbuster trade. But what about what the fans, people who goto Fenway to go see that “one” player feel? To me Mookie Betts will always be a Red Sox.

When I see Mookie Betts, the player that I could compare him to is Red Sox great Manny Ramirez. Sure Manny will be Manny but you compare the numbers Mookie fits right in the shoes and I understand players will come and go but you hate to see some of them leave.

What I am hoping for and what I’m sure the Red Sox Nation hope for is that this off season, President Chaim Bloom can dig us out of the hole Ex- President Dave Dombrowski got us into and make the moves necessary to make the Mookie Betts trade worth while along with other moves.

Along with losing Mookie Betts, and talks about possibly losing Jackie Bradley Jr., and Brock Holt already looking to leave how are we going to get that “All Star” outfield we are accustomed to? Who is able to fill in those key spots? Not to mention restructuring our bull pen? With this off season we can only hope and pray that Chaim Bloom is our man and is able to make the deals to get our beloved Red Sox back on track to winning another World Series.

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Shayne Mott

The author Shayne Mott

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